The Grand Baroque: Perfect Imperfections.

A masterpiece of elegance.

Taking four years to compose, this strand is composed of twenty two extremely rare silver-colored baroque South Sea pearls exclusively sourced from our farm in the remote Malluku Islands.

We invite you to discover the Perfect Imperfections of this one of a kind Grand Baroque Strand.

Tahitian Treasure: The Heavenly Tahitian Pearl

Tahitian Legends tell of the God Oro who would use rainbows as his walkway and as he walked pearls of all the colors of the rainbow would fall from the sky as pearls. Dark, iridescent and beautiful, these treasures are born in the most pristine paradises of Tahiti.

Our Tahitian pearls come from the remote Tahitian island of Rikitia where we work in close tandem with nature to create these heavenly gems.  We invite you to discover our Black Tahitian pearl farm, and our Tahitian Treasures jewelry pieces.  

Celebrate Mom: The Gift of the Perfect Pearl.

Pearls say it all.  From simple but charming Diamond Slim rings to decadent Strands and our one-of-a kind artful pieces. This Mother's Day, give Mom the Gift of the Perfect Pearl.

Shop our selection of hand-picked pearl jewelry available exclusively at Neiman Marcus.  


In preparations for the Las Vegas JCK 2015  Show- we've created the stunning 1/1 "Tide Ring " featuring a 19mm White-Blue South Sea pearl.
The massive pearl measures roughly 19mm x 19mm. On display at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center during the JCK Show Las Vegas MAY 29-JUNE 1.
The Art of Pearling

 The Art of Pearling, known as pearl culturing, is one of man and nature working in tandem in the hope of producing a pearl. A fundamental part of the BELPEARL heritage stems from the island nation of Japan, the spiritual birthplace of pearling- as we continue to pioneer the Art of Pearling throughout the Pacific.

The Art of Pearling requires years of hard work, dedication and above all, a fundamental respect for nature.  Learn more about this magnificent process.


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